Standard Fee Schedule

All prospective clients are offerred a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION (up to 40 minutes).

Prior to any obligation, all prospective clients are presented with a written estimate of legal costs.

The following fees are provided as a guide only (and are inclusive of GST), with clients being advised to contact our office for a more accurate assessment of likely costs.


Magistrates’ Court Appearance (Adjournment)                                           $     550.00
Magistrates’ Court Appearance (Plea of Guilty)                                           $     880.00  per day
Magistrates’ Court Appearance (Contested Matter)                                   $   1,100.00 per day

Childrens Court Appearances                                                                         As above

County/Supreme Court Appearance (Plea of Guilty)                                   $     990.00 per day
County/Supreme Court Apperance (Trial)                                                     $  1,650.00 per day


As the degree of preparation can vary considerably depending upon the complexity of each individual case, clients are advised of estimated time and costs for preparation at initial client conference.

General preparation                                                                                            $ 880.00 per day


Photocopying                                                                                                     $     1.10 per page
Facsimiles (sending & receiving)                                                                    $     1.10 per page- local
$     2.20 per page- STD
$     4.40 per page- Int’l
Emails (sending & receiving)                                                                           $     1.10 per page
Telephone calls (outgoing & incoming)                                                        $     5.50


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